Market Research Companies Partner with Opinionmeter

Opinionmeter has signed licensee agreements with two new market research companies since the beginning of the year. This exciting news brings Opinionmeter to now 12 worldwide licensees across four continents.

These market research agencies have partnered with Opinionmeter because their clients are demanding real-time point-of-experience customer feedback.  These sophisticated market research companies understand the growing demand for mobile research technologies. Opinionmeter, who was awarded the patent for the original survey kiosk, has been an innovator in the mobile research technology space for 20 years.

Fast forward to a world of social media, user-generated review sites and blog commenting and everything in brand management and marketing has changed. In her book, The Groundswell (May, 2011, revised) Charlene Li discusses how the ability to post online has shifted ownership of the brand experience to the customer. Li says that management no longer owns the brand, but is simply a facilitator and caretaker of the brand experience.  While company management teams may still feel they own their brands, they also realize they are held publicly accountable by their customers in the online forums to provide the best possible experience. To this end, brand managers are requesting their market research agencies use sophisticated survey platforms to gather customer opinions and preferences at the point of experience.  Opinionmeter’s mobile research technology platform fits this need perfectly as it enables the capture of real-time “voice of the customer” feedback at the point-of-experience using their mobile smartphone and tablet devices.

These new partner market research companies have told us they preferred Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint mobile survey platform because it can be white-labeled and custom branded for seamless interaction with existing customers in any language, anywhere in the world. Additionally, Opinionmeter’s mixed-mode, cross-platform survey platform allows surveys to be authored once and deployed over a wide range of mobile devices and operating systems. Mobile devices include Android, Apple iOS and Windows operating systems. The Opinionmeter TouchPoint system supports native mobile apps for offline data capture as well as mobile web apps that don’t require an app to be downloaded. In addition to being experts in mobile survey apps, Opinionmeter’s survey solutions also support survey kiosks, mobile web, online and paper surveys.

Smart companies require this deep consumer insight because they know when they understand what motivates their customers; they are able to create web content and marketing pieces that directly attack the best loved attributes of their brand experience. This efficient, spot-on style of marketing can have a major impact on sales and revenue.

More information about the Opinionmeter Licensee Program

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