Market Research Surveys That Drive Growth

Over one million people a year use Opinionmeter’s technology for market research surveys and customer feedback software. Opinionmeter’s worldwide client list represents a broad spectrum of business sectors including retail, healthcare, financial services, entertainment, leisure, transportation, education, conferences, government and many more. We are one of the largest providers of real-time customer feedback software and equipment in the industry.

Opinionmeter provides companies with a complete market research survey system that serves a wide range of applications. Opinionmeter secures healthcare patient feedback, student opinions for education, point-of-sale customer satisfaction for retail and point-of-service guest feedback for hotels, restaurants and other assorted applications. All of our real-time market research surveys are customized to meet your specific needs, no matter what your customer feedback requirements. Plus, our mobile survey devices come with our industry leading service.

There is nothing more effective to drive the future growth and improvement of your organization than direct, real-time feedback from those you serve. Whether you’re interested in mobile survey tools for field research, in-store survey kiosks for real-time customer feedback, web based feedback for remote customers or employees, Opinionmeter’s customer feedback software is a device independent solution to suit your specific needs.

Market Research Surveys from Opinionmeter are easy to create and use, custom for your specific needs and cost effective.

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