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Powerful & Easy to Use Survey Software for Education

Opinionmeter Education Survey Software is an ideal solution to provide student surveys in any educational environment. Opinionmeter is used by a number of schools, colleges and other places of higher learning for measuring and documenting student participation in activities, programs, events, and services on campus. Whether you are an elementary school teacher, chair of a university department or faculty administrator, our student survey software solutions drive school improvement and student satisfaction. Ensuring the school community is heard and making changes based on the feedback received is a key part of any educational community.

Using automated tracking technology (such as barcode and magnetic card readers), colleges and universities can link participation data to student demographic information, as well as assessment data. As a result, campuses are able to better understand the characteristics of who participates in activities and how participation contributes to student success and engagement.

Plus, sharing the information is just as easy as collecting it. Transferring data to another school or college? It’s simple with Opinionmeter. Student assessment tools should be easy.

Think about it: how are you to know the effectiveness of school services without hearing from the students? How is feedback on campus events and activities to be collected and managed without a comprehensive, verifiable and easy way of gathering and measuring the data? Continuous improvement is a key attribute of all learning institutions. Opinionmeter makes it easy.

Plus, managing files for thousands of students is always a challenge. Managing all this data, including personal information, coursework, academic results and yes, survey information – all can be done easily with Opinionmeter. Other applications for Opinionmeter’s educational survey products include Parent Surveys and Alumni Surveys.

What can Opinionmeter’s assessment tools provide you?

  1. Real-time Feedback now you have access to onsite student feedback in real-time. You can even set up service alerts with our school assessment tools.
  2. Real-time Reporting – Run reports on-demand or schedule automatic delivery of your customized reports, ensuring that faculty, students or administrators have timely access to data.
  3. Ongoing feedback – Collect data every semester, quarter or week to complement your annual surveys. Compare results, draw conclusions and discover new trends.
  4. Multi-mode Data Collection – you have the flexibility of using any combination of data collection methods such as: PDAs, Tablets, Stand-alone Kiosks, Web, IVR or Paper. The same survey can run on all devices.
  5. Flexibility - load multiple surveys on a variety of device types to carry out several different surveys; add as many questions as you need; add or change survey questions on the fly.
  6. Independent from your school’s IT systems - no need for system integration or cabling. Opinionmeter’s SurveyManager can be delivered via our hosted service model or run on-site in your own environment.

Opinionmeter is easy to use, cost effective and configurable for your specific needs. Our student survey software is a leader in the industry.
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