Banks Using Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Customer Feedback to Improve Service

There has never been a more important time to implement bank customer satisfaction surveys than now. With economic confidence at an all time low, you need every tool at your disposal to improve customer feedback at the branch level.

Opinionmeter’s real-time customer feedback system allows banks and others in the financial industry to collect “voice of the customer” faster and more efficiently. With customer feedback becoming a clear priority at banking centers around the country, your surveys results will tell important stories about the effectiveness of your service and the confidence level of your valued customers. Banking surveys are a great tool for measuring teller performance and improving operations at the branch level.

One of our clients, Bank of America, is a true success story. Before they engaged Opinionmeter, they were using another solution for collecting customer experience feedback, but the data was too general for branch managers to provide adequate training to their staff. By using Opinionmeter’s survey solutions, Bank of America was able to determine the root cause of satisfaction issues in real time and make significant improvement in their customer service levels. Capturing the voice of the customer at the point of experience was the key.

What can Opinionmeter’s customer feedback tools provide you?

  1. Real-time Feedback now you have access to onsite customer feedback in real-time. You can even set up service alerts so onsite staff is notified when satisfaction levels drop below acceptable levels.
  2. Real-time Reporting - Run up to the moment reports on-demand or schedule automatic delivery of your customized reports, ensuring that appropriate personnel have timely access to actionable data.
  3. Multi-mode Data Collection – you have the flexibility of using any combination of data collection methods such as: PDAs, Tablets, Stand-alone Kiosks, Web, IVR or Paper. The same survey can run on all devices.
  4. Flexibility – load multiple surveys on a variety of device types to carry out several different surveys; add as many questions as you need; add or change survey questions on the fly.
  5. Adapt to economic and regulatory changes - respond better to the financial markets and the challenges of the economy so your customers are informed.
  6. Financial satisfaction surveys help you grow your customer base, retain existing accounts and provide them with more options.
  7. Raise the effectiveness of bank customer surveys by sharing data with branch management to ensure consistent messaging and service.
  8. Determine the insurance, estate planning, home equity and retirement needs of your customers.

Let’s face it, your competitive environment has changed; some large financial institutions that were here yesterday are now insolvent. It’s not as easy for consumers to purchase financial products. Nurturing the relationship you have with your customers is key in this time of change. Developing enduring, loyal relationships will make all the difference in the upcoming years. Opinionmeter can help you remain flexible and responsive.You can survey bank customers about their experiences with opening an account, contact center interactions or how their last banking center visit. Doing so can help you align your products and services with customer needs and expectations.

Opinionmeter is easy to use, cost effective and configurable for your specific needs.
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