Survey Tool for Government Agencies

As one of the largest organizations in the world, the U.S. Government relies on citizen surveys to drive improvement, raise service levels, measure employee feedback and for many other purposes. Opinionmeter’s Survey Tool for Government Agencies called TouchPoint provides the power and reliability required.

In the Internet age, where opinions are shared quickly and in great number, it’s critical for government agencies and the Military to have the means to act upon, collect and measure feedback from many different groups to understand what people need and how programs can be improved to make positive impacts. Providing improvements to government based studies, projects and initiatives has always been a challenge.

Survey Tool

From the Department of Defense to the U.S. Coast Guard to the various federal departments, the Opinionmeter survey tool TouchPoint has been used by many U.S. Government agencies. The survey tool can be used for a number of different purposes including community services feedback, medical treatment facility research, morale, welfare, recreation, military surveys and more. Opinionmeter is being used successfully to gather feedback for the federal government. Government satisfaction surveys are now being used more frequently.

Let’s face it; in any democracy, the voice of the people is paramount. Beginning with the first Presidential election and carrying over to the U.S. Census, the IRS and other departments and programs, taking the pulse of constituents, internal and external customers and employees has always been important. With Opinionmeter’s robust survey design and reporting capabilities, government agencies everywhere find incredible value in our military and government survey software.

State and Local Governments – Citizen Surveys

State and city governments also use Opinionmeter for citizen surveys to collect feedback from constituents and to measure the impact of various programs and initiatives through community satisfaction surveys. Some, in fact, would make the case that surveying the people is more important at the local level because so many programs are pushed down to local communities from the federal government.

The opinions and insights of the community are important; we can help you acquire them.Opinionmeter also offers an optional Accessibility version for the visually impaired or other special needs individuals These community satisfaction surveys are designed to meet the accessibility standards as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Code, and the WC3 (World Wide Web Consortium).

What can Opinionmeter’s feedback tools provide you?

  1. Real-time Feedback – now you have access to onsite customer feedback in real-time. You can even set up service alerts so onsite staff is notified when satisfaction levels drop below acceptable levels.
  2. Real-time Reporting – Run up to the moment reports on-demand for quick feedback on a new city idea or schedule automatic delivery of your customized reports to city officials.
  3. Continuous feedback – take the pulse of the community at regular intervals to complement annual or bi-annual surveys. Compare results, draw conclusions and discover what’s popular with the people.
  4. Multi-mode Data Collection – you have the flexibility of using any combination of data collection methods such as: PDAs, Tablets, Stand-alone Kiosks, Web, IVR or Paper. The same survey can run on all devices. This is a key benefit for engaging in military surveys.
  5. Flexibility – load multiple surveys on a variety of device types to carry out several different surveys; add as many questions as you need; add or change survey questions on the fly.

Opinionmeter is easy to use, cost effective and configurable for your specific needs.
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