Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Healthcare Survey Software Improves the Patient Experience

Opinionmeter’s real-time feedback platform allows healthcare facilities to collect point-of-care patient satisfaction surveys faster and more efficiently. Real-time feedback along with alerts to enable instant customer service recovery. Opinionmeter’s Healthcare Survey system provides immediate experience improvement. With patient feedback becoming a clear priority at healthcare organizations around the country, satisfaction surveys are becoming a standard part of any hospital stay or doctor office visit.

Automated reporting tools empower hospital staff with the needed information to truly impact patient experience. Continuous healthcare feedback with a detailed trend analysis, along with low-score alerts to monitor satisfaction over time.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Opinionmeter’s robust reporting tools allow you to design custom reports to get the data you need in the format that you want. These reports can be run on-demand or scheduled for automatic delivery, providing you with up-to-moment information ensuring personnel receive information they need when they need it. Knowing how your patients feel or think is a key part of providing the appropriate level of treatment, no matter what the condition may be.

What can Opinionmeter’s feedback tools provide healthcare organizations?

  1. Real-time feedback – from the Point-of-Care. Patient Satisfaction Surveys have never been so quick and comprehensive.
  2. Real-time Results – Run up to the moment reports on-demand or schedule automatic delivery of your customized reports, ensuring that appropriate personnel have timely access to actionable data.
  3. Satisfaction Alerts – Real-time satisfaction alerts enable instant customer service recovery, providing immediate improvement in the experience.
  4. Continuous year-round surveys - Compare results, draw conclusions and find trends easier.
  5. Multi-mode Data Collection - you have the flexibility of using any combination of data collection methods such as: iPhone or iPads, PDAs, Tablets, Stand-alone Kiosks, Web or Paper. The same survey can run on all devices.
  6. Unique combination of reporting – use core questions to provide key performance indicators – and use clinic or unit level questions (which can be changed regularly) in the same patient healthcare survey.
  7. Flexibility – load multiple surveys on a variety of device types to carry out several different surveys; add as many questions as you need; add or change survey questions on the fly.
  8. Independent from your organization’s IT systems – no need for system integration. Opinionmeter’s SurveyManager can be delivered via our hosted service model or run on-site in your own environment.

Opinionmeter is easy to use, cost effective and configurable for your specific needs.
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