Hourly Patient Rounding

Nurses and doctors can now use their mobile device to input vital healthcare patient feedback & data during hourly rounding

On a scale of 10, what is your current level of pain? How many times a day is this question asked during hourly rounding. Nurses ask for patient feedback and measure vital signs all day long. Opinionmeter makes storing this quantifiable data easy to capture with TouchPoint survey app for Healthcare.

Study after study has concluded that hourly rounding greatly improves the patient experience and satisfaction. While nurses have always assessed patients on a scheduled basis, what’s new about today’s hourly rounding is that it is data-driven for predictability and scripted for consistency. Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint is a superior healthcare patient feedback tool allowing nurses to log patient rounding data in this new era.

Opinionmeter’s patient survey app has been specifically created for nurses and doctors to use their mobile device to easily input vital data during hourly rounding. The healthcare patient feedback is immediately accessible within Opinionmeter’s HIPPA compliant feedback platform called the SurveyManager.

TouchPoint for Healthcare was developed along with doctors and nurses for efficiency and ease of use. They advised that patient rounding applications needed to be easy for staff administrators to set up, easy for nurses and doctors to input data during hourly rounding and the information needed to be immediately available to assigned doctors and other healthcare professionals who may or may not be onsite. Alert notifications can also be automatically triggered based on the data entered and responsible staff notified in real-time.

TouchPoint for Healthcare is part of Opinionmeter’s enterprise feedback platform that allows mobile survey apps to be run in online or offline modes. All mobile research devices are remotely managed through the web-based SurveyManager. All patient surveys may be customized or edited as needed. Professional reports are easily generated and delivered in a variety of formats. All patient surveys and feedback reports may be fully customized and generated for immediate deployment or scheduled for automatic delivery by email.


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In addition to being experts in mobile survey apps, Opinionmeter’s survey solutions also support survey kiosks, mobile web, online and paper surveys. Opinionmeter’s survey software is incredibly powerful and extremely easy to work with. Ready to get started? Register for your Live Web Demo or Free Trial today.

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