Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Outpatient Medical clinics are using Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Medical clinics and other healthcare facilities have found that implementing patient satisfaction surveys have proved to be critical to increase service levels. The TouchPoint for Healthcare survey system is an industry specific tool that allows medical clinics and doctor’s offices the opportunity to easily deploy an outpatient survey to measure satisfaction.

Medical Clinics have installed TouchPoint for Healthcare survey kiosks in their lobbies and waiting rooms for an outpatient survey. Patients are asked to take a brief survey to measure the healthcare experience and their satisfaction. Survey kiosks perform the double duty providing an outpatient survey and also the opportunity for patients to have a voice in speaking about service. People receiving medical treatment expect to have an opportunity to provide patient feedback.

TouchPoint for Healthcare can deploy survey solutions on a wide range of devices (including survey devices running Android, Apple iOS and Windows operating systems). In addition to being experts in mobile survey apps, we also support survey kiosks which are very popular with medical clinics seeking an outpatient survey solution.


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