Service Recovery

Inpatient Surveys to Increase Patient Satisfaction and Healthcare Service Recovery

Being admitted to a hospital is highly stressful experience. And a length stay can decrease patient satisfaction simply from the personal frustration of not getting well more quickly.

HMOs and government programs require implementing regular patient satisfaction surveys. The TouchPoint survey app for Healthcare provides the perfect inpatient survey tool to allow increased patient satisfaction and service recovery by hospitals.

With TouchPoint for Healthcare, a short healthcare survey is created specifically for your facility’s needs and loaded on a mobile tablet or smartphone. The mobile survey provides the opportunity for an unhappy patient to vent with TouchPoint for Healthcare’s low satisfaction alerts sending an immediate message to designated management and staff for instant service recovery.

TouchPoint for Healthcare provides a complete mobile survey platform that is customized for your inpatient surveys. With the user-friendly SurveyManager there is a library of applicable healthcare surveys to help get you started. Questions can modified, added or deleted as required. They can be delivered to any tablet or smartphone so patients can respond from their hospital bed at the point-of-care.

With hospitals competing for patients like never before, patient satisfaction is crucial to survival. Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint for Healthcare provides the tool you require to increase patient satisfaction and improve customer service.


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