Smart hospitality management companies are utilizing Opinionmeter’s smartphone based, in-room guest satisfaction surveys for hotel reputation management.

Hotel Reputation Management

Like it or not, word-of-mouth feedback has gone digital. There are hundreds of hotel review websites, not to mention social media venues where guests can post feedback. While we can debate the validity of user-generated hotel reviews, the reality is they are not going away. Hotel reputation management has become a necessary part of your marketing efforts.

What if you could intervene before an unhappy guest has the chance to go online and post an unfavorable hotel review by providing guests the opportunity to submit spontaneous in-room, in-house feedback? Opinionmeter’s mobile phone survey software uses QR codes to access real-time customer surveys on smartphones and tablets. When a guest scans a QR code, the mobile device’s browser automatically launches the hotel survey.

Smart hotel management companies are providing printed QR codes on simple fold-up’s in each room, restaurant or service location for guests to access property-specific hotel surveys on their smartphones. Hotel survey questions are custom created by management for each specific property in Opinionmeter’s easy to use feedback management platform.

Real-time Satisfaction Alerts – How it works

Whenever a guest submits an unsatisfied response to a survey question, Opinionmeter’s satisfaction alert system triggers an email and/or text message in real-time to the responsible staff. The Opinionmeter alert system can be set to notify the hotel manager, guest services and/or food and beverage managers—at the moment of the guest’s experience.  This allows management personnel the opportunity to intervene immediately and make an unhappy guest satisfied, prior to them posting hotel reviews or on social media websites.

Customer Survey Apps

In addition to QR codes, another option is to use Opinionmeter’s native Survey App on a tablet or kiosk placed at strategic positions within the hotel, restaurants and other service locations. Touchscreen devices can be mobile, wall-mounted or used as a stand-alone kiosk.

Hospitality Management Companies

Hospitality management companies are using Opinionmeter’s in-room hotel surveys as a tool to keep tabs on the commitment to quality for each of their properties.  Opinionmeter surveys are self-created in Opinionmeter’s feedback management platform so you can create property specific surveys as well as add, delete and change questions as required.

“In addition to the contact with the hotel after his or her stay, we would like to measure customer satisfaction directly during the guest stay. Hence, Opinionmeter surveys fit perfectly with our strategy.“
— Stephan van der Meulen, General Manager, Bel Air Hotel The Hague, The Netherlands

Example of the printed QR-code placed in each hotel guest room to launch the guest satisfaction survey.

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