Workforce Development Employee Survey System

Opinionmeter provides a custom employee survey system for monitoring customer satisfaction at Workforce Development Centers. We realize how important measuring customer satisfaction is to your Workforce Development Center operations. That’s why we’ve developed the new web-enabled “TouchPoint” – a touch screen survey device providing real-time workforce customer feedback. The TouchPoint is available in handheld, tablet and kiosk configurations. All survey devices are web-enabled and are managed remotely through the web-based SurveyManager application. Not only does the SurveyManager provide you with real-time web-based reporting and real-time service alerts for workforce development feedback, but it also allows you to distribute web surveys for your online employee survey needs! What better tool to measure and report Workforce Development Center core indicators of performance and service, required by the Workforce Investment Act. One-Stop Career Center feedback is critically important and can now be collected easily and effectively.

Workforce Development Employee Survey Questionnaire System

  1. Real-time Feedback – now you have access to onsite customer feedback in real-time. You can even set up service alerts so onsite staff is notified when satisfaction levels drop below acceptable levels.
  2. Real-time Reporting – Run up to the moment reports on-demand or schedule automatic delivery of your customized reports, ensuring that appropriate personnel have timely access to actionable data.
  3. Flexibility – load multiple surveys on a variety of device types to carry out several different surveys; add as many questions as you need; add or change survey questions on the fly.
  4. Independent from your organization’s IT systems – no need for system integration or cabling. Opinionmeter’s SurveyManager can be delivered via our hosted service model or run on-site in your own environment.

Opinionmeter is simple to use, cost effective and configurable for your specific workforce development feedback needs. The OneStop center feedback has never been so easy.
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