Customer Survey Software

Opinionmeter’s Customer Survey Tool captures “Point-of-Experience” Feedback

Opinionmeter’s Customer Survey Tool offers a wide range of Mobile applications and integrated solutions for capturing real-time feedback from your customer’s Point-of-Experience: that is, the moment they experience your service or product.

From interactive survey kiosks, to mobile tablets and personal digital assistants (PDAs), to web surveys, or even scanning paper surveys, Opinionmeter’s customer satisfaction survey technology reaches all customer touch points within your organization and delivers actionable online reporting in real-time.

Whether you’re a small non-profit organization or a large corporation, Opinionmeter’s cost-effective real-time Customer Survey Tool will simplify and streamline your data collection efforts.


Opinionmeter’s customer survey tool can be customized or edited on the fly, and professional reports generated and delivered in a variety of formats. All customer satisfaction survey feedback and market research reports may be fully customized and generated on-demand or scheduled for automatic delivery by email. SurveyManager’s powerful reporting tool provides the ability to segment ‘voice of the customer’ data based on locations and sub-accounts, as well as generate roll-up reports to compare customer satisfaction survey feedback activity across the entire enterprise.

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