Touchpoint for iOS

Mobile Research Software now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint Mobile survey app is a natural extension of our 17-year focus on capturing real-time customer satisfaction feedback at the point-of-experience.

Building on the success of our mixed-mode feedback platform, we have extended our mobile survey system to provide the best iPad survey app, iPhone survey software and iPod Touch surveys available. In addition to distributing customer service surveys via kiosks, tablets, PDAs, web and paper, now you can also distribute feedback surveys directly to your customer’s mobile devices using our iPad and iPhone survey software. The iPad Survey App can also be run in kiosk mode for continuous in-store feedback and other customer survey applications.

The SurveyManager also supports all mobile web browsers for distributing surveys to other Smartphone devices. Click on the button above for more information about Opinionmeter’s mobile web solutions.

TouchPoint Mobile DataSheet | TouchPoint Mobile 3.0 Enhancement List


For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later

Benefits – iPhone survey software

  1. Compatible with all mobile platforms including iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Android (smartphones and tablets), Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia, and Symbian.
  2. Gather offline as well as online survey data – an internet connection is not required!
  3. Ability to white-label application to reinforce your brand across all touch points.
  4. Supports all languages, including those justified right to left.
  5. Provides rich content with video, photo and voice capture functionality.
  6. Identify individual response locations using GPS and Google Map integration.
  7. Resume later feature allows respondents to pause and resume surveys at a later time.
  8. Send low-satisfaction alerts to management in real-time via email or text.
  9. Run multiple surveys simultaneously on the same device.
  10. Extensive list of question types including: Single response, Select all that apply, Open-ended (text, video, photo and voice capture), Ranking, interactive mapping questions and six different Matrix question formats.
  11. Include Multimedia content within your Questions and Responses. TouchPoint Mobile supports video, sound and images content.
  12. Digital Signage – run videos as digital signage during idle time between surveys.

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