Mobile Web Surveys

Mobile Survey Software on Any Phone Device, in Any Language, Anywhere in the world!

Opinionmeter’s Mobile Survey Software allows you to distribute phone surveys specifically optimized for the mobile-web! Our mobile phone survey software supports all major mobile phone browsers, regardless of manufacture or operating system.

Building upon the success of our mixed-mode customer feedback platform, we have extended our Mobile Survey Software to include distributing optimized surveys for all major mobile phone browsers. Our mobile web survey software is optimized to instantly detect the mobile phone requesting the survey download and render it specifically for that mobile phone’s browser and operating system. This way, whatever the mobile phone being used the online survey software is smart enough to display the survey in an optimal way.

Build feedback communities by inviting customers to use their mobile browser to access your online survey optimized for mobile browsers.

In addition to using Opinionmeter’s mobile phone survey software for mobile-web survey distribution, Opinionmeter also offers mobile survey apps. Our survey apps can run on any Apple mobile device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) as well as any Android or Windows device (including survey kiosks, tablet PCs and PDAs).


  1. Market Research: Mystery Shopper evaluations, Intercept Surveying, Field Research
  2. Retail: Point of Sale customer satisfaction feedback
  3. Healthcare: Real-time Patient feedback – inpatient, outpatient
  4. Education: Classroom evaluations – student services surveys
  5. Tradeshows, Associations – delegate feedback
  6. Audience Response – real-time conference feedback
  7. Bank services and teller performance monitoring at the branch level
  8. Museums
  9. Hospitality

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