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User-Friendly Online Survey Software

If you are researching online survey software Opinionmeter is your solution. Opinionmeter’s hosted online survey software is easy to use and delivers all the features you need and more to conduct and rapidly deploy sophisticated, branded, multilingual web surveys.

Opinionmeter’s online survey software makes it really easy to launch and distribute your customer surveys. The user-friendly admin dashboard on the SurveyManager makes it to analyze your real-time customer survey data. Use public web surveys for website feedback or distribute private surveys to employees or to your customer email lists. Opinionmeter’s online survey software allows you to segment your email lists and send customized invitation emails linking to the online survey campaign, or place a survey link directly on your website.

Respondents simply follow the instructions on their browser. The data is collected in confidence and then forwarded instantly to Opinionmeter’s secure online reporting server where it is summarized in online, easy to understand and always-available reports. The power of online survey software tools is now in your hands.

Easy-to-Use Online Survey Software

  1. Create complex and branded web-based online surveys on your own with our easy-to-learn, online survey software tool.
  2. Start from scratch or work with the built-in question and response library to build your customer service surveys.
  3. Choose from a wide range of question types to design your customized web surveys.
  4. Brand your online surveys within Opinionmeter’s online survey software tool by integrating your corporate logo and colors.
  5. Apply branching logic and skip patterns to turn your online survey into an intelligent data collection tool that adapts to a respondent’s answers.

Opinionmeter is easy to use, cost effective and configurable for your specific needs.

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Discover the power of customer feedback through Opinionmeter’s online survey software to see the positive impact on your organization now.

Survey Design Option
Design from template  
Design from scratch  
Copy and edit existing survey  
Question & Response library  
Question Types
Multiple Choice  
Choose all that apply  
Dropdown box  
List box  
Single line text response  
Multi-line text response  
Survey Logic
Branch logic conditional  
Skip logic  
Survey Layout
Use logo  
Use video, images or sound  
Custom palette  
Survey Rules
Duplicate control  
Save and continue later  
Set dates for survey start and end  
Identify respondent by email  
Standard reporting  
Customized auto reporting  
Survey Distribution
Email survey link  
Link to survey on your website  
Email distribution (Manual)  
Email distribution (Bulk)  
Embed survey into web page  
Allow duplicates  
Other Features
Winning questions  
Welcome & Thank you page  
Test before launch  
Footer & Header controls  
Multilingual support  
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