Paper Surveys


Easy-to-use Survey Design Wizard: use the SurveyManager’s paper survey design wizard to create your questionnaire, by entering your questions and selecting a response scale. You can select a response scale from the extensive response library or create your own.

Customize your Survey Forms: The SurveyManager will lay out the survey for you, aligning checkboxes and single response bubbles for you. You can either print or export to further customize the survey form before printing. You can include your own logos, fonts, graphics, and branding – all without confusing the scanner.

Plain paper surveys: no need for expensive special forms – paper surveys can be printed on whichever paper you prefer.

Multimode data collection options: want to use both paper and web or paper and a handheld device for surveys? Create two or more versions of the same survey, publish the survey to modality options and analyze them both together.

Scanning features: SurveyManager supports the use of checkboxes, sing-choice bubbles and block printing boxes with bubble grids below.

Automated data transfer: the OMScan is a utility designed to integrate Remark with the web-based SurveyManager. With OMScan running on the PC connected to your scanner, you can automate the upload of scanned paper survey forms into your SurveyManager account (see the workflow graphic above).

We resell the Remark Office OMR 7.0 online paper survey software for use with SurveyManager. We have verified that it works well with our software. Other scanning packages will work as well, as long as they can create a .csv file for importing data back into SurveyManager.
See if your scanner is on the list of recommended scanners for Remark.

For more information about conducting paper surveys with SurveyManager or if you have a question about a particular feature – just ask our Sales department at 888-OPMETER or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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