PDA Handheld-Surveys

Cell Phone Surveys via PDA Handheld Device for Rapid Customer Feedback

Opinionmeter’s Cell Phone Surveys and feedback solutions support a wide range of handheld mobile platforms, providing a touch screen survey system with ultimate device flexibility for your customer satisfaction surveys needs. Mobile survey software that’s compatible with a personal digital assistant (PDA) is now available and easy to use.

Cell Phone Surveys can be used as a stand-alone customer feedback system or to supplement the TouchPoint kiosk model. It can be passed to inpatients for patient feedback or healthcare surveys, airline passengers for public opinion polling or customer loyalty research, to trade show exhibitors or visitors to obtain their spontaneous views on customer service survey questions without the need for them to walk to a survey kiosk.

Your own staff or researchers can even use the handheld mobile survey device to replace paper-based surveys, collecting responses to your customer service survey questions in person and eliminating data re-entry. Mobile survey software, using a PDA platform, is now easy and affordable.

With answers to your customer service survey questions streaming in real-time from each handheld mobile survey device or survey kiosk, you now have the ability to react instantly, with Opinionmeter’s low-score satisfaction alerts. You can also schedule your customized customer satisfaction survey feedback reports to be delivered automatically in a variety of formats.

PDA customer satisfaction surveys and customer service survey projects by Opinionmeter are easy to use, cost effective and configurable for your specific needs.

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Application Features
Multiple choice questions  
Choose all that apply questions  
Open-ended questions  
Matrix questions  
Ranking questions  
Branching logic, skip patterns  
Real-time data delivery  
Low-score Satisfaction Alerts  
Winning questions  
Winning quizzes  
Real-time reporting  
Scheduled reporting  
Digital signage  
Text to Speech  
Multilingual support  


Hardware Features
Portable, cordless  
Battery powered  
Dimensions : 4.47″ x 2.78″ x 0.5″
Power: AC or Rechargeable battery
Battery Life: Rechargeable 1100 mAh Lithium-Ion battery
Capacity: 20,000 – 30,000 surveys
Weight: 4.4 oz.
Connectivity: Wired or Wireless (802.11b)
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