Survey Reporting & Data Analysis

Survey Reporting & Survey Data Analysis

The Opinionmeter SurveyManager is a feedback management platform and robust survey reporting engine. From survey design to real-time survey reporting and in-depth survey data analysis and analytics are accomplished through the SurveyManager’s easy to use interface. Through your SurveyManager account, you can remotely monitor and manage all aspects of your customer satisfaction surveys whether they are launched via the web or QR-codes on handheld devices like tablets and smartphones or touch-screen kiosks.

The SurveyManager is simple to use for all tasks related to your customer satisfaction surveys – whether for designing customer survey questionnaires, producing professional survey reporting or remotely managing a variety of web-enabled mobile survey devices. The system automatically compiles the real-time data from your customer satisfaction surveys and effortlessly transforms them into actionable survey reports. Reports and survey analytics can be pulled manually or pushed on a scheduled basis. Because they are web-based, they can be viewed from any computer whether you are in your office, at home, or in the field.

Because the SurveyManager is web-hosted, there is nothing to download. No software to install. No maintenance. No administration. Just create your customer satisfaction surveys and deploy them on smartphone and tablet devices, or as an online survey. Gather your real-time voice of the customer results with Opinionmeter!

To view a demonstration of the web-based SurveyManager and explore the system’s robust survey reporting engine, simply click on the following link: SurveyManager Demo or to schedule a live demo with an Opinionmeter representative, click on the Schedule a Demo button in the header at the top of this page.

 SurveyManager Report Features

Standard Summary Reports
Where standard satisfaction responses are requested, across a number of questions, charts similar to this can be produced.
Customer satisfaction scores
Top box or top two box scores can be calculated based on question comparison or over time.
Automated Reporting templates
For more information about Automated Reporting templates, please click the link below.
Customize graphs & charts within reports
The Cross tabulation option also provides a series of filters. Data can be filtered by date, time or any particular answer. These filters can be used in combination.
Assessing Change Over Time – trend analysis
Historical data can be used to monitor the effectiveness of change programmes. The survey data will not only identify problem areas but also investigate whether operational changes have the desired impact.
Unlimited cross tabulation filtering
Cross tabulations can assist in assessing different buying patterns of customers.
Comparing Locations – relative location performance
Compare location performance to determine how each location is performing relative to the others.
Assessing Variations During a Day
A simple bar chart may show that the average levels of service are satisfactory.
Filtering: Segmenting customers
Filtering data allows the responses of different sectors of customer to be assessed. Ultimately this is powerful information, which highlights specific needs and concerns of sectors and sub sectors of customers.

Report Delivery

  1. Manual report delivery – print, email or export
  2. Scheduled report delivery - based on customer configuration
  3. Export reports to – Excel, Word or PDF formats
  4. Compile reports into – a slide-show presentation
  5. Raw data – export
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