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iPad Survey App and Mobile Survey Software Solutions for Companies on the Move

Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint iPad survey app offers the ultimate in sophistication and flexibility. Whether you are running simple or very sophisticated questionnaires, multimedia content (images, sound or video) or skip patterns, the Opinionmeter iPad apps can manage your customer survey needs. It’s totally flexible and easily transported. Once you’ve download your questionnaire from the web-based SurveyManager, the portable unit can be taken into the field to capture feedback at the Point-of-Experience. The device will function offline (without an Internet connection) or online for real-time data transmission. The system’s multilingual capabilities support all languages.

With answers to your customer survey questions streaming in real-time from each mobile survey device even while in the “field”, you now have the ability to react instantly, with Opinionmeter’s mobile survey software and low-score satisfaction alerts. You can also schedule your customized customer satisfaction feedback reports to be delivered automatically in a variety of formats.

Opinionmeter’s iPad survey app is compatible with Android, iPad or Windows tablets. The TouchPoint tablet survey app will transform your iPad into a mobile survey device which can be used in a myriad of market research scenarios. For example, the mobile tablet survey device can be passed to hospital in-patients for feedback and service recovery questions. Airline passengers can take tasblet iPad surveys for customer loyalty research, exhibitors for intercept surveys on the show floor, etc. Opinionmeter’s mobile tablet survey software allows you to obtain spontaneous views on customer service survey questions without the need for them to walk to a survey kiosk or fill-out a paper questionnaire.

People need to connect. Customers need to be able to communicate with the companies they do business with. Opinionmeter enables this process to happen seamlessly and efficiently and in real-time so you can provide higher levels of service and improve overall loyalty and profitability.

Opinionmeter’s tablet software is easy to use, cost effective and configurable for your specific needs. Whether you need a mobile survey app or software solution, we have a means to measure voice of the customer for you.

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Application Features
Multiple choice questions  
Choose all that apply questions  
Open-ended questions  
Matrix questions  
Ranking questions  
Branching logic, skip patterns  
Real-time data delivery  
Low-score Satisfaction Alerts  
Winning questions  
Winning quizzes  
Real-time reporting  
Scheduled reporting  
Digital signage  
Text to Speech  
Multilingual support  


Hardware Features
Portable, cordless  
Battery powered  
Wireless, or wired connectivity  
Onscreen or physical keyboard  
Dimensions : 3.93″ x 11.3″ x 7.52″
Power: AC or Rechargeable battery
Battery Life: 2 hour – rechargeable battery
Capacity: 20,000 – 30,000 surveys
Weight: 1.5 lb
Connectivity: Wired or Wireless (802.11b)
Display: 7” wide-screen (1024 x 600)
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