White Label Survey Software

At the Enterprise and Private License levels, you can completely have a White Label Survey Software application branded as your own. Your Mobile survey apps, Online surveys and SurveyManager portal will be branded as your own without any Opinionmeter branding at all.

What are Opinionmeter’s white-label Survey branding options?

  1. The ability to completely replace the Opinionmeter brand with your own. This goes for surveys, mobile apps and the back-end SurveyManager portal itself.
  2. In addition to replacing the Opinionmeter logo with your own, you can also modify the SurveyManager’s color scheme to maintain consistency with your corporate ID.
  3. Modify the About Us and Info pages of the mobile survey app
  4. Private domain (e.g. – http://Survey.YourCompanyName.com/SurveyName)
  5. Fully customizable templates & themes for the surveys themselves to match clients branding and corporate ID system.

What are the advantages to White-label branding?

  1. Provide a seamless branding experience to your customers worldwide.
  2. Control and protect your brand and corporate ID.
  3. White-label the TouchPoint MobileTM app (iOS and Android apps supported) as well as the SurveyManager portal.
  4. Maintain consistent branding awareness across multi-channel survey campaigns. Whether your surveys are deployed online, on devices, on paper or all of the above, you can maintain branding consistency as well as maintain all survey data in one integrated reporting engine.

How do you white label your survey?

It’s actually very simple and can all be done as long as you have an Enterprise level or above account. Just go into the User Management module within your account and select the “Customized Branding” menu from the sidebar. To white label your mobile apps, go to the Device module and select the Device Customization link.

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